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We are all guilty of lying. Some of us have made a habit of lying while others try their very best to stop themselves from lying. Lying only creates serious problems even if what you are telling is a simple white lie. Telling the truth creates a certain atmosphere of trust whereas telling lies creates doubt. How will you be able to determine if someone is lying to you?

Do you really want to know if he is lying? Some people are put in a desperate situation and the only thing that can pull them out of that situation is to lie. But for those who basically lie to get what they want, they are people whom you should not trust.

Identify the way he talks. In every person, there are signs that tell you that you are talking normally to a person. Watch out for body languages, gestures, and other body movements when he talks normally and watch out for differences when he talks.

The human body cannot withstand stress and lying causes stress to the body. Look out for body languages when you are talking to someone to tell if he is lying or not. The body is not created to tell lies but to seek truth therefore putting him in a situation where a person has to lie provides stress to the body thus making him anxious.

There are different kinds of liars. One of which is to tell stories to people based on lies while the other do tell the truth but only half of it. These people are afraid they would be a part of the entire lie so they only tell half of it which basically still makes them liars. You can identify these half-truth tellers when they become silent after a conversation.

Ask away. And do not be afraid to catch a liar. Once a liar finishes delivering his piece, he might think that he is safe but the best way to tell if he is lying is after he is lying, you begin to inquire about the situation. If he begins to stutter and he tries to cover up even more, you can spot a few cracks in his stories and begin to discover that he is indeed lying.

Ever have that gut feeling that tells you something is up? Your gut never falters in saving your body from a stressful situation. Most people have a decent gut feeling and if you trust it, it can certainly help you in situations where you need to filter people out of your life.

As they always say, telling the truth is hard and spreading lies is much easier but the repercussions you will suffer will be a lot harder.

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