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He is a gifted man who was troubled by the trap of addiction. Life seemingly pronounced him dead and left him to deteriorate amongst the debris of the streets he called home for many years. Everything he owned in this world lay with him beneath a tent everyday and every night while praying to God for a second chance. His only resource was a sign he held in his hands that detailed his vision to all those who would read it.

No amount of trouble or hunger could diminish the "Please" and "Thank you" that accompanied every nickel and every dollar he received from the generosity of those that gave. He accredits his upbringing to maintaining his pleasant demeanor despite the needs and desperation that were bursting at the seams.

That sign that he held close to his heart caught the attention of a passerby who was the catalyst for change in this man's life which confirms why God asks us to write the vision and make it plain because we do not know who God may allow to read it. God had positioned this troubled man to meet with an opportunity that would carry him exceedingly above all that he had asked for and in return this man gave God the glory right on television for the world to hear.(Habakkuk 2:2-3)(Ephesians 3:20)

This man's name is Ted Williams but you can call him a shining example of what God's mercy and love can do in the heart and mind of those that believe in God and call on his name. Many of us have been waiting and waiting for God to show up in our situation and grant us our petitions and I am inspired today to believe that God is able.

Mistakes and bad choices have the ability to make us believe that life is over. The grays in our hair, the limp in our stride, and the cracks in our heart can tempt us to feel as though it is too late to dream and believe but...he which hath begun a good work in you will perform it until the day of Jesus Christ. Philippians 1:6.

Though homeless and wearing many mistakes underneath his belt, Ted Williams never stopped praying and believing that God could and would make a way. A lot of us are not where we thought we would be by now and some of our prayers seem to go unheard but let us all be rejuvenated as we witness through Ted Williams testimony that in this gigantic world where billions of people resided God saw fit to see about a man laying by the wayside that had a magnificent gift since birth that laid doormat. He picked that man up, dusted him off, and placed his feet on solid ground. God allowed his gift to make room for him so that he would never have to beg for another dime again. God sees us no matter where we are in life and he has not forgotten. It is NEVER TOO LATE.

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