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I've been busy lately applying the things I've learned in doing this Personal Power II adventure and I guess most of what I've written here has been for my benefit and not many others. That being said, I want to finish up and summarize the last few days just in case anyone is reading along or may run across this post somewhere and wonder about whether or not this course has a happy ending. (It does, by the way and I'm awarding myself and all those who have gone through this course, a gold trophy because it IS an accomplishment!)

In the last few days of training, Tony talks about the importance of relationships and how they can be improved. Different ways of communicating about love and emotions can make a lot of difference in how someone perceives the loving gestures coming from their significant other. For example, some people like to be spoken to in a certain way in order to feel the deepest sense of love, while others respond to gifts and things. Still others feel that being touched in a certain way conveys love on that deep level. We all tend to respond to all types of loving behavior, but learning what you and your mate enjoys the most can help create a deeper bond between you.

I've learned more about what I like and what my husband likes during this training and learned that he has been giving to me the things he would like to receive from me the most and I have given to him what I would like to receive the most. By understanding that, we can both "speak each others love language" and find that we are better able to express our love for one another.

On another day, Tony speaks about how to solve problems as they come up. The tips he offers in strategizing solutions and possible outcomes while managing one's emotional state is really excellent.

He comes up with several questions to ask during the problem solving process:
1). What is great about this problem?

2). What is not perfect yet?

3). What am I willing to do to make it the way I want it?

4). What am I willing to no longer do in order to make it the way I want it?

5). How can I enjoy the process while I do what is necessary to make it the way I want it?

Use these questions when you're stumped with a problem. They will help come to a better solution - and then let me know how it worked for you.

Finally, the last CD was about Tony's personal challenge to all of us.

He noted that there are three basic life paths"
1). The "dabbler"

2). The "stressor"

3). The MASTER

He then summarizes the key ideas that we've been learning.

1). Decide what you really want

2). Develop a plan - find someone to model.

3). Take action immediately

4). Be flexible

By doing these things and mastering yourself, you can make your life a masterpiece.

  • Develop compelling reasons to continue to manage your life.
  • Anticipate challenges that will occur in your life
  • Regularly re-evaluate your life
  • Being a "team player" will bring you great joy
  • Commit your life to something way bigger than yourself

By following these ideas, you will find the clarity and tools to run your own life. Isn't it about time you did if you haven't already?

Thank you for visiting my blog. Tell me your thoughts about your experience and don't give up until your life is as you want it.


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