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2010 appears to be the year of the "Bucket List." Most people are actively making their list of life goals and things to do before they die. Whether it is "learning how to sail" or "go Zorbing", people of all ages are putting pen to paper to help make them a reality. Once they have a dozen or so goals on their list, they can visualize, prioritize, and then begin to complete them in an organized manner. These adventures can take time to prepare and plan for. Some activities may happen once a year, like "Go Caroling at Christmas", or even once a lifetime, as in "Visit Machu Picchu." On the other hand, simple and fun aspirations could include "Ride in a Hot Air Balloon" or "Paint Pottery." No matter what the difficulty level or length of time each bucket list item requires, now more than ever, people young at heart are taking steps towards accomplishing their ambitions.

This year has been strewn with challenges including the financial economic situation, health care reform, Iraq war, oil spills, and much more. People are searching for hope and a better way of life. They realize that we have more control over ourselves than others. They can begin to gain feelings of accomplishment by completing small tasks and searching out new experiences. It is not to say all of these journeys are self-righteous. On the contrary many of these activities can aid others like, "Help at a Soup Kitchen," or "Visit a Retirement Home." The underlining theme of a bucket list tends to be experiences that act on living in the moment and feeling all the many sensations that come from learning something new or doing something for the first time. People are eager to live life and push the modern lifestyle boundaries.

The idea of "Kicking the Bucket" is a very sobering one. It is one that forces individuals to prioritize their lives into different self-defined categories; such as, "What needs to be done right now?" or, "If I was not around would this task matter to anyone?"

Perhaps the approaching New Year has been looming over people. The idea of renewed hope and endless possibilities has ushered go-getters into compiling their list of things to do before they die. There is hope for all those who have not made their 2011 bucket lists and even for those who have.

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A new website coined "Kick Your Bucket List" (www.KickYourBucketList.com) launched in December of 2010. This free online bucket list website allows people to quickly and easily create a personalized list and share with friends and family. Having hundreds of adventures to choose from, this website's unique design is fun, easy, and safe for all ages to use.

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