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What we want from our lives

Life gives us what our heart desires and what our mind wishes for. Somewhere deep in our hearts, all of us want to live in peace and harmony, but our minds develop the seeds of conflict and tension. Our hearts stand united as a whole, it is only in our minds that conflicts of any sort develop. Our minds are the origins of all differences between us. It is only the recognition of differences that gives rise of conflicts and tensions of all sorts.

All sorts of conflicts and tensions can be amicably resolved if the seeds of peace were sown in the minds of men in the contemporary world. The defences of peace need to be built in our minds as it is in our minds that conflict is born. Conflict and war is the antithesis of peace. Peace should be given a chance to develop in our minds. Our minds need to be injected with a dose of peace and peace education in order to ensure peace in the world around us. The world around us needs peace for its development and progress. Peace is so important that it forms the topmost position in the pyramid of needs postulated by Maslow.

Peace education is of the utmost requirement today. In the present world of conflicts and tensions, there is a need to develop peace between men and for that the seeds should be sown from the very beginning. The seeds could be the provision of wholesome and good education to children so that they can develop into responsible and good citizens of the world.

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